Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is offered here at Golden Plain Myotherapy and Massage Clinic, located just outside Bannockburn in the town of She Oaks.

Parking at this facility is fantastic and easy as you are able to just pull up right out the front and walk straight in the door.

Virginia is a fully qualified Myotherapist and  Remedial Massage Therapist who has undergone further training  with Pregnancy Australia (R)

Massage whilst being pregnant can help  your body cope with the changes that are occurring, it is especially  useful to help ease discomfort with relieving muscle and joint pain, swelling in the arms and the feet.

Before your pregnancy massage Virginia will discuss your health and lifestyle,  and any ailments. The massage table will be set up differently for a pregnancy massage, you will be draped (covered) to keep  your privacy and to keep you lovely and warm. 

To organise your Pregnancy Massage call 0418 798 608.